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Best Gifts For: The Travel Nut



Need a gift for the globe trotter in your life? We know exactly what he or she wants this year. 

Mountain Mel’s Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

This all-natural formula uses lavender and tea-tree oils to fight germs and refresh hands after encounters with airport food or empty soap dispensers. | Hand Sanitizer $9

 1Above10HRS tablet-2

1Above Effervescent Tablets

Jet lag, infectious diseases from fellow travelers—these dissolvable tablets help guard against both with an array of electrolytes and Pycnogenol® (a natural bark extract that’s been shown to reduce the length and severity of jet lag). | Effervescent Tablets $10


eNZees Foot Soother

Everyone knows that band-aids and moleskin rarely stay stuck to raw, blistered feet. But these wads of New Zealand wool take a different approach: Their fibers intermingle with your sock yarns to stay in place and cushion sores. | Foot Soother $12


Power Practical Luminoodle

Wad it up to become a lantern or string it across a car’s hatchback using the built-in magnets. In either configuration, this flexible, waterproof strip of LED bulbs brings not only illumination, but stylish ambiance to life on the road. | Luminoodle $20


Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Mini Cube Set

From jewelry to charging cords, small items stay found—and untangled—in these soft little boxes (they even have a zippered pouch on the lid for truly tiny valuables). | Specter Mini Cube Set $25


Arcade Adventure Belt

Available in a range of patterns appealing to both urbanites and lumbersexuals, this stretchy, forgiving belt lets wearers curl up comfortably between airplane armrests. | Adventure Belt $26


Sunday Afternoons River Tripper Cap

Made from quick-dry nylon, and sporting a brow-mopping sweatband, this cap has a foldable brim for tidy packing and side vents that double as sunglass holders. | River Tripper Cap $28


Kleen Kanteen Insulated Wide 16 oz. with Café Cap

From water to coffee, this insulated mug totes it all—and with a leakproof cap that prevents spillage in backpacks and handbags. | Insulated Wide 16 oz. $31

Patagonia Blackhole Cube Small 1

Patagonia Black Hole Cubes

Tough, virtually waterproof construction makes these 2L, 6L, and10L organizers perfect for storing gear or backpacking the world. | Black Hole Cubes 2L $29 | 6L $39 | 10L $49


Grand Trunk Hooded Travel Pillow

Yes, your loved one will look like an executioner while wearing this combination neck cushion/blackout shade—but they won’t care, because they’ll be sleeping blissfully through plane and bus rides that leave everyone else woefully red-eyed. This accessory is unbeatable. | Hooded Travel Pillow $40


Mifold Car Booster Seat

A boon for parents traveling with small children, this foldable, stowable booster seat lets kids safely wear seat belts in taxis and rental cars. | Car Booster Seat $40


Scrubba Wash Bag

This stuff sack’s nubby interior panels act like a washboard—which is eons more effective than washing clothes in a hotel sink. Plus, when laundry’s done, the sack helps organize your packed items too. | Wash Bag $55

CEP Rec Inuse

CEP Recovery + Merino Socks

These squeezy knee socks keep your feet from swelling during long flights and car rides, so you’ve got more spring in your step upon arrival. | Merino Recovery Socks $60


Travelon 3-in-1 Adapter, Converter, and USB Charger

Not only does this product convert electricity from 220V AC to 110V (which most U.S. appliances require), but it comes with a variety of handy wall-plug adapters and even offers a USB port—so you can charge your phone and your laptop simultaneously. | 3-in-1 Travel Adapter $60

Kammokwallaby townlake2

Kammok Wallaby Hammock

Essential gear for vagabond living, this hammock uses a strong but silky ripstop fabric that doesn’t feel clammy or stick to skin. Two carabiners (included) let you string it from vehicle to tree, or between palms for a tropical idyll. And when packed, this 10-ounce lounger is no bigger than a softball. | Wallaby Hammock $65


Tasc Performance Riverwalk Pant

Finally, the comfy/spiffy crossover pant that women have been waiting for. Made from a feel-good cotton/bamboo blend, these urban joggers go from yoga class to dinner to airport lounges—while still managing to look great everywhere. | Riverwalk Pants $68

Ultra-Light Travel Bra USB Pocket

The Ultra-Light Travel Bra

With hidden pockets that let women stash their valuables in their bra, this is travel-ready underwear that looks like something Q from the James Bond films might’ve designed. | Travel Bra $80


Duckworth Women’s Vapor Sleeveless Hoody

Dubbed “cool wool” because it wicks sweat and dries faster than 100 percent merino (it includes some recycled polyester and modal), this patented fabric offers year-round comfort. And as sleeveless hoody, it’s incredibly versatile, transitioning from beach cover-up to safari garb to an underlayer for her favorite flannel. | Sleeveless Hoody $90


Arc’teryx Yonge Wrap

This cardigan/wrap redefines fleece: Yes, it’s made of technical polyester that’s remarkably warm for its weight—even when wet. But unlike most mountain-built pieces, it looks utterly at home on London sidewalks. | Yonge Wrap $99


Ibex Juliet Toula Skirt

With a wide, yoga-style waistband for all-day comfort and merino wool jacquard that can be dressed up or down, this skirt is a traveling gal’s do-it-all. | Juliet Toula Skirt $120

Nau Shadowbox

Nau Shadow Box Shirt

Lusciously soft—yet warm and stain-resistant thanks to the wool/cotton blend—this button-down might be the only shirt a traveling man truly ever needs to pack. | Shadow Box Shirt $125

CommissionPant back

Lululemon Commission Pant

Comfy like sweatpants--but spiffy enough for jacket-and-tie dinners—these lightweight men’s chinos combine cotton with stretchy, quick-dry Lycra that repels stains and holds its shape day after unwashed day. | Commission Pant $128


Chaco Montrose Chukka

The same podiatrist-approved footbed that earned a cult following for Chaco sandals graces this chukka, in the form of a removable, knit-covered insole—so it supports feet over long hours of walking--and a natural rubber outsole sticks securely to trails and pavement. | Montrose Chukka $140


Duluth Trading Company Lifetime Leather Tote

Full-grain leather makes its look timeless, and a zippered top closure keeps items from spilling out across the airplane floor. Plus, handy side pockets hold a water bottle or umbrella. | Lifetime Leather Tote $170


DaKine Travel Tool Kit

Multiple pockets separate a toothbrush, razor and antiperspirant. A clear, removable pocket doubles as a 3-1-1 bag that’ll pass muster at TSA. And a roll-up closure makes it efficient to pack, or to hang on a bathroom door for easy access to your potions. | Travel Tool Kit $36

Cotopaxi Bomber-01

Cotopaxi Bomber Jacket

A puffy jacket that’s svelte enough for cosmopolitan sidewalks, this Bomber keeps men and women warm with llama-wool insulation. | Bomber Jacket $190


Peak Design Everyday Tote

Convertible yet simple, this versatile tote works as a camera bag (a side zipper lets you remove a DSLR without removing the bag from your shoulder) diaper bag or basic carryon—and it looks smart everywhere. | Everyday Tote $190

Mission-Duffle 10-black-hero 

Mystery Ranch Mission 90 Duffel

The expedition duffel, perfected. The Mission is made with tuckaway backpack straps, indestructible fabric, and ingenious pocketry that lets you use the main compartment as one unbroken space—or divide out the bellowed end pockets to divide up your gear. | Mission 90 Duffel $195


Yeti Hopper Flip 12

Essential gear for any diehard road-tripper, this leakproof cooler holds a 12-pack of cans or a few dirtbag dinners (kept always icy cold thanks to Yeti’s famous insulation powers). | Hopper Flip 12 $280

Meridian60 F16 HandleDown SideBack RainforestGreen

Osprey Meridian 22, $350

Some rollerboards can’t handle off-pavement travel, but the Meridian features burly wheels and a high-clearance chassis that handle dirt roads. Converting it to a backpack lets you haul it up five flights of stairs to that Parisian hotel room that lacks elevator service. And a detachable daypack serves as a summit bag or tidy tote for around-town exploration. | Meridian 22 $350

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