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Video Review: Otterbox uniVerse Case and Accessories

By: David Lottmann - September 08, 2016


The Otterbox uniVerse case looks like it could be the Swiss Army Knife of iPhone casese, delivering a surprising amount of functionality with its modular approach and plethora of add-ons. We were impressed with the case's design when we first took a look at it a few months back, but now that it is more readily available and some accessories ahve been released, we thought it was wroth another look, this time in video format. 

In the video below, our reviewer takes a look at the uniVerse case, as well as several interesting add-ons, including the olloclip lens system and the PolarPro Trippler Tripod. How do the case and these other products stack up? Check out the video to see for yourself. 


About the Author

David Lottmann

David Lottmann

David is a self proclaimed snow & navigation geek and teaches all aspects of climbing and avalanche safety for Eastern Mountain Sports Schools in North Conway, NH. He tests GPS's for the Gear Institute.


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