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Sneak Peek: More Cool Outdoor Gear Coming in 2018

By: Cameron Martindell - July 22, 2017

More new gear announcements keep rolling in. Here's the latest of what stood out to us. What kind of gear are you most stoked on for your next season of adventuring?

Fenix HP30R Rechargeable 1750 Lumen Headlamp



The latest from Fenix houses 3 unique LED’s that can all be used at once to disperse 1,750 Lumens, an incredibly bright light for a headlamp, to reach over 650 feet (200 meters). This, along with a good long burn time—they say up to 400 hours, though that's certainly not on the brightest of 16 settings—comes at the cost of having an external battery pack that can clip to your belt or backpack. This product is sounding like it could become a favorite among mountain search and rescue teams or those who like to get an early start or go late into the night.

Mystery Ranch TerraFrame


Sometimes, we just have to shoulder a big load and we’d much rather do that and get it done in one trip than shuttle mutiple loads between camps or wherever. Enter Mystery Ranch’s Overload Shelf which has been in their hunting and military packs for years but is only just now coming to the outdoor recreation space.

Gore Invisible Fit

GORE Invis-Norvan-LD.jpg

Not to be confused with Gore-Tex Surround, Gore Invisible Fit was designed to have a better bond to the various styles of footwear uppers. It’s designed to lay flat and not take up as much room on the inside of the upper—a problem in the past that has caused the fit of the shoe to be off just a touch. It also touts reduced weight and faster drying times. Photo shown is the Arc'Teryx Norvan LD shoe, which uses Invisible Fit.

Red Paddle Co Voyager Tandem

15 Tandem.png

SUP’s aren’t limited to just day paddling around the pond. People have been taking them on long expeditions for some time now and Red Paddle Company has jumped in with the cargo SUP. The 15-foot board is able to carry two explorers and has room for gear with lots of tie-down spots and seven carry handles. Ditch the gear in the center and you can bring a third person.

Ortovox Pala Jacket


This jacket comes with a matching pair of pants and both are designed to withstand scraping along rocks and branches using an abrasion-resistant Cordura outer fabric. But on the inside is soft merino wool that also provides for breathability to manage the internal microclimate. Men's medium jacket: 360g. Women's medium jacket: 328g.

Scarpa Ribelle Tech OD


Scarpa recognizes the trend towards light-and-fast alpinism with this boot. They combined their running and mountaineering knowledge into a single piece of footwear and it comes in at 1-pound, 3.4-ounces. It features a PU midsole, a lugged Vibram mountaineering sole, semi-automatic crampon compatibility, a waterproof Outdry gaiter, and their softshell SockFit construction.

Sierra Designs Cloud

Sierra Designs_Cloud_35 degree.jpg

Zipperless sleeping bags seem to have really grabbed the interest of the designers at Sierra Designs. After a number of iterations of their Backcountry and Frontcountry Beds they bring in the Cloud touting to be their lightest of all. At 1lb 7oz for the 35 degree version it hits a sweet price point for an 800 FP bag of $269.95. The Cloud features an oversized, integrated comforter with a unique shoulder pocket that gives it flexibility to move and expand while sealing out drafts. The Cloud includes PFC-free DriDown insulation and fabrics.  

UST TekFire


Ignight your fire with electricity. This liqued or gas fuel-less lighter has a rechargeable battery that creates a strong plasma spark between the electrodes. While it will work in wet conditions, it still helps if what you’re trying to light is dry. It also comes with ParaTinder, a 3-foot section of paracord which can be used to help get a fire going or it can be used just as paracord.

Kaenon Calafia

Kaenon_Calaphia_Graphite_ScarletMIrror (1).jpg

These lightweight glasses use TR-90 for the frame which is durable, temperature resistant, flexible, and a memory retentive material as opposed to the commonly used Acetate which can deform in heat (like if they get left on the dash in the sun). The lens is made of Kenon’s proprietary SR-91 material which is polarized and is more durable and scratch-resistant than polycarbonate while being optically pure like glass.

Vargo Titanium Dig Dig Tool

Vargo Titanium Dig Dig Tool™.png

Leave No Trace practices are great for sustaining where we recreate but the process can be tricky if you don't have the right tools. One of those tools is a good spade or camp shovel but it is too often the thing that gets left behind. But if it were super light and had multiple uses, would it stay in the pack? That's what Vargo is banking on with the Titanium Dig Dig Tool. Lightweight, strong, and with a serrated edge, it's designed to tackle the rootiest soil. They claim the handle portion is easy to hold and can even be used with two hands when needed. And when you're done with your business it can be used as a tent stake. Hopefully nature doesn't call during a wind storm, ironicaly. 1.25 ounces; $24.95 

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Cameron Martindell

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