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New Fall/Winter Running Gear You Should Check Out

By: Cory Smith - October 05, 2017

Nathan Neutron Fire RX

As we enter autumn, the changing of seasons means two things for runners; cooler temps and new gear. Here are our first impressions of three new running products hitting stores soon.

Nathan Neutron Fire RX

Nathan Sports launches its lightest and brightest running-specific headlamp to date, the Neutron Fire RX. Featuring Nathan’s RUN-Right Light, which combines the perfect blend of spotlight beam for forward visibility and floodlight beam for proximity. The Neutron Fire RX puts out a maximum of 200 Lumens and offers 5 separate lighting modes (33, 80, 100, 163 and 200 Lumens) as well as colored (red, green and blue) side strobe lighting, for greater visibility while running in the dark.
Its 25-hour run-time is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery, eliminating the need to purchase batteries.

First Impression: The Neutron Fire RX’s competitive edge over more common models by Black Diamond or Petzl is its weight and size. While other similarly priced headlamps may offer more lumens, if small and light are a top priority over brightness, the Neutron Fire RX is the headlamp of choice.

The Nathan Neutron Fire RX retails for $55.

Camalbak Nano Vest

Camelbak Nano Vest

In January 2018, CamelBak will unveil the Nano Vest, an all-new ultra-minimal running vest. The entire vest is made of super soft 70 denier nylon dobby with 3-D vent poly mesh, allowing for excellent airflow, front and back. Carrying capacity is 3 liters divided between seven separate pocket stashes; including one zippered and two 17-ounce chest mounted collapsible water bottles. The Nano also features back loading ninja-style trekking pole holders for easy access and storage when the terrain gets tough.

The Nano vest weighs an astonishing 0.5 ounces and comes in 3 sizes with two fully vertically aligned adjustable sternum straps for a dialed-in fit.

First Impression: With the growing emphasis on fast and light in the mountains, the CamelBak Nano takes that concept to a new level. I was amazed by its light, airy construction and impressive carry capacity. Every time I thought it was full, I found a new pocket, boosting my cargo space for pretty much any day outing. The vest’s only limiting factor is its ability to carry water. Unless you’re able to refill along the way, your single run is limited by how far 34 ounces of fluid will take you.

The CamelBak Nano retails for $100 and is available January 2018.

Adidas Terrex

Adidas Terrex Agravic

Fresh on the market is the updated Adidas Terrex Agravic 330 trail running shoe. It features Adidas’s signature energy-returning Boost midsole and Continental rubber sole for exceptional wet and dry grip. This burly trail shoe with aggressive tread is well suited to handle any conditions Mother Nature may throw at you. The abrasion-resistant upper combines textile and mesh material for durability and on-trail protection. The Terrex Agravic also comes in a GTX version, which features a GORE-TEX lining for even more wet weather protection. Weighing in at 11.1 ounces for men and 9.5 ounces for women (add roughly another 1.5 ounces for the GTX versions) it offers a drop of 6.5 mm with stack heights of 24.5mm/18mm respectively.

First Impression: Wet, muddy, rocky terrain; the Adidas Terrex Agravic excels in harsh conditions. What this indestructible shoe lacks in comfort, it certainly makes up for in durability and toughness. With a rather stiff and rigid feeling upper, this is not a shoe designed for comfort, but more for protection. Underfoot is Adidas’s signature blend of Boost midsole and Continental outsole found in their road shoes, however it has a very different feel; much firmer with less cushioning.

The Adidas Terrex Agravic retails for $135, and $165 for the GTX version.



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