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GoPure Pods Make Water Purification Simple

By: Kraig Becker - December 23, 2016

One of the very real challenges that we all face while visiting another country is finding ways to purify our drinking water while on the go. Over the years we've seen a number of different methods to achieve this, ranging from pump filtration systems, iodine tablets, and even using ultraviolet light to kill bacteria, viruses, and protozoa in the water. But a new product promises yet another simple and effective way to ensure we stay healthy and safe while traveling, and it couldn't possibly be any easier to use. 

A GoPure Pod is roughly the size of your thumb and is designed to be dropped into your bottle, pitcher, hydration bladder, or any other container used to hold water. Once immersed in the liquid, it immediately goes to work cleaning it of impurities, including more than 99.9% of bacteria and metals, such as lead, zinc, and mercury. It is also 97% effective against such inorganic items as chlorine, nitrate, and fluoride as well, making your water taste and smell better too. 

Inside the GoPure Pod is a specially built ceramic core that has the natural ability to pull harmful elements out of the water. That core is extremely porous and dense, and by floating in the water it can go about purifying it by absorbing the items that we generally want removed – most notably bacteria and heavy metals. At the same time, the ceramic filter also releases trace minerals that have the added effect of altering the alkalinity of the water and changing its pH balance, which usually results in a better taste. This translates to healthier drinking water straight from the tap, which also greatly reduces the use of disposable water bottles as well.


The tiny GoPure Pods are effective both at home and while traveling, and are good for up to six months of use. Over that time, a single pod has the ability to treat as much as 264 gallons of water simply by floating in it. To start the process, all you have to do is take the pod out of its packaging, and drop it into your bottle. The purification process occurs automatically from there. 

While the GoPure Pods definitely sound intriguing, and are effective against a variety of waterborne dangers, it doesn't appear to treat everything that might be lurking in our drinking water. For instance, while the GoPure promotional information does mention filtering out bacteria such as e coli, it doesn't say anything about viruses and protozoa, two very dangerous elements that could impact our health while traveling. And while the pods do have a 99.97% effectiveness against bacteria, that is still below what you'll find from other kinds of purification processes.


Still, the GoPure Pods do look like a simple, affordable, and efficient way to purify your water, and potentially make it taste better at the same time. Just be sure you recoginze the things that it does and doesn't treat before relying on it completely.

A single pod costs $24.95, which makes it a very affordable way to address some common issues with the water we drink. The company also offers a version designed for our pets as well, which has a dome-like structure designed to sit at the bottom of a water bowl. That model sells for $29.95.

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Kraig Becker

Kraig Becker

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