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First Look: Our Favorite New Gear from Interbike 2017

By: Marie Malinowski - October 01, 2017

01 Haibike9.0 

Haibike SDURO FullSeven 9.0

Melancholy with a heavy dose of excitement, that’s the vibe of Interbike 2017. The last hurrah in Vegas, and all the memories of Bootleg Canyon dirt demos, lead to Reno and the high-altitude Sierra Nevadas next year. Personally? I’m excited about the change, but even more excited to call out some innovative e-bikes. E-bike growth has almost doubled in the past year; from $16.7 million in the first half of 2016, to $31.8 million through the first six months of 2017. E-bikes are here to stay, and here's a preview of head-turners coming to a retailer near you:

Haibike SDURO FullSeven 9.0

It's powered by an integrated Bosch PowerPack and a Bosch Performance CX motor that provides 250 watts of power to propel the cyclist to a trail-shredding 20 mph. The package includes a RockShox Revelation RC lockout fork with 120mm of travel, a RockShox Monarch RT, 11-speed Shimano Deore XT M800 Shadow Plus rear derailleur, DT Swiss H1900 wheels and Schwalbe Nobby Nic Evo SnakeSkin 27.5-plus kicks. Also on the menu is the In-Tube Battery Concept (IBC) which integrates the Bosch PowerPack battery inside the downtube, giving it a neat, clean and tidy appearance. | $5,400

Tern GSD

03 Tern GSD-2

Tern GSD loaded for the kids

What’s unique about the Tern GSD is that it’s essentially a one-size-fits-all e-bike. This is indeed the “family” e-bike. It can fit the six-foot tall dad just as easily as the five-foot mom with some simple modular adjustments in the handlebars, stem, and seat post. It runs on a Bosch mid-drive motor, which can be set up to draw from two separate batteries to extend the Tern GSD’s range to as far as 150 miles. And like all Terns, it packs up neatly into a smaller package to fit through narrow hallways, small elevators, and tight living spaces. The front trunk works well for carrying either a couple of toddlers or a big ice chest full of something for the beach or park. | $3,999

Riese & Mueller Packster 40 Touring e-cargo

04 RieseMueller Packster-1

Riese & Mueller Packster 40

The head-turner in the Riese & Mueller lineup is the Packster 40 Touring. Based on the Packster platform, which stands out for its design, multifunctional use, enormous loading options, and ability to be adjusted to a range of body sizes, this bike is sure to impress cyclists from parents to the urban big load hauler. The Packster 40 Touring is powered with a Bosch Performance CX, 500 Wh, 10-gear Shimano Deore drivetrain. | $5,829

Oakley Aro7 Cycling Helmet

05 Oakley Aro7

Oakley Aro7 helmet

The sunglass-company is expanding its cycling collection in early 2018 to include road helmets. The ARO Cycling Helmet Collection includes the ARO7. This MIPS-equipped helmet has been designed and engineered for less interference with glasses and pressure against the temple. The TX1 Lace lies flat against the cyclist’s head, allowing eyewear to sit naturally. | $500

ABUS Bordo Lite 6000/90 Alarm Lock

06 Abus Bordo Alarm

Abus Bordo Alarm lock

The lock brand of Europe has a screaming (literally!) new folding lock that emits a loud, piercing continuous screech that lasts for 15 seconds when an attempt is made to cut or jimmy it. The Bordo Lite lock provides another layer of security with a precise 3-D movement sensor that triggers a 100-decibel alarm to deter any would-be thieves.

SILCA Tattico Bluetooth Hand Pump

07 SILCA Tattico-2

SILCA Tattico Bluetooth pump


This Bluetooth hand pump provides a reliable pressure reading out of a mini pump on the road by using a Bluetooth pressure sensor that relays accurate tire pressure through an app on your phone. You’ll never ever need to second-guess how much pressure your tire has in it at any given time. Works for shocks too. | $125

Effetto Mariposa Vitamina CVL

08 Effetto Mariposa CVL

Effetto Mariposa CVL

A vitamin mixture for tubeless tires. The powder is made to mix with Caffélatex, a sealant by itself, which is usually more than sufficient. But on race day, Vitamina CVL provides extra confidence. Added directly inside the tire to Caffelatex sealant, V-CL increases the maximum repairable puncture size from 4 mm to 8 mm while also reducing repair time and lowering pressure loss. | $30

Spurcycle Multi Pouch

09 Spurcycle multi pouch-1

Spurcycle Multi Pouch

Tuck it in your jersey pocket, stash it in your hydration pack, this handy, made in the USA multi-pouch folds horizontally or vertically and snaps and compresses to fit essentials and keep them within easy reach. Made of cuben fiber (Dyneema fabrics), it measures 11.5 cm x 19cm and weighs 14 grams. It can also be snapped to a second pouch for more cargo capacity. | $29

TIME ATAC XC 12 Pedals


For the gram-counting mountain biker, the Time ATAC XC 12 carbon pedals have a titanium axel and weigh in at a feather-light 124 grams. ATAC, which stands for Auto Tension Adjustment Concept, offers three levels or spring tensions to adapt to your riding style and a choice of release angle. By swapping cleats to the opposite shoe you can have a 13-degree or 17-degree release angle. Another bonus of the ATAC system? It clears mud and debris from the pedals every time you clip in. | $400


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