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Lawrence DiVizio

Lawrence DiVizio


Hiking & Camping

Award winning photojournalist, writer and former editor, Lawrence DiVizio took his first solo backpacking trip when he was 16 and he hasn't stopped yet. As a journalist he brought his love of the outdoors to the News Herald Newspapers, at the time, the largest weekly publication in the nation by producing a weekly adventure sport column in addition to his other duties. While editor of a newspaper in the Heritage Newspaper chain, he focused many of his editorials on environmental issues. He also worked closely with organizations to promote the development of a gateway trail system in Southeastern Michigan and won awards for his work as a photojournalist and writer.

Having escaped the madness of the hard news business, he now focuses on producing wildlife videos and photography along with writing about the natural world and traveling in it. He has backpacked and canoed regions as diverse as the shores of Lake Superior, the Appalachian Mountains and some of the most remote areas of Montana.  Along the way he tests gear from some of the largest outdoor manufactures in the nation, reporting on the equipment to his readers.

He is  also an accomplished martial artist having trained in International Ryo Ku Kai, which incorporates components of Aikido, Iaido and  traditional  Karate. 

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