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Erica Jessop

Erica Jessop



Erica Jessop, aka "CrAsian", is an accomplished pianist, administrator, freelance writer, and outdoor enthusiast who loves being surrounded by nature and the majestic mountains. When she's not writing or doing her coordinating work in administration, she loves to attack the next challenging climbing route on her to-do list, adventure with canyoneering, mountain bike, ice climb, snowshoe, ski, and cook up some mean meals after a full day of outdoor ventures. All of these outdoor ventures are enjoyed and shared with her son and crazy crew of friends. If Erica and her son aren’t enjoying the outdoors, they’re battling it out and combatting each other with Krav Maga. Erica is also a contributing writer for Gription Gear and The outdoors gives her inspiration for her writing and composing of music while being a source of renewal. There doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to conquer all the outdoor activities that she'd like, but she takes advantage of as many opportunities that she can to enjoy what she loves with her son, family and friends.

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