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Saucony Ride 9 Spring 2016 Review

1 year 8 months ago #3970

The post below is a early season wear tester review of this product. To read our final, expert Road Running Shoe reviews, go to .

The Verdict:
The Saucony Ride 9 is a neutral daily trainer that is a nice all around shoe for the everyday runner. The first thing I noticed about the Saucony Ride 9 is the versatility of this shoe. The Saucony Ride 9 provides a smooth and comfortable ride that is perfect for recovery and long runs, yet it is responsive enough for some faster running. Overall, I think the Ride 9 has some solid updates from the previous models, and I enjoy running in this shoe. In fact, I find myself reaching for this shoe on a consistent basis and am happily including it in my shoe rotation.

I found the Saucony Ride 9 to be a nice upgrade from previous Ride models. The Powergrid foam is now gone, and it is replaced by the Saucony’s new EVERUN material. This material is designed to provide a lively, durable ride while providing continuous cushioning. Besides the new material, what I noticed the most was the extra layer of cushioning the EVERUN construction provides by placing this material between the sockline and the structural board of the shoe. The Ride 9 felt softer than previous models, which I rather enjoyed. Bonus points: Adding this material did not increase the weight of the shoe!

FIT: 9
The Ride 9 had a great fit. I wear a size 8, and the shoe fit true to size and hugged my foot nicely. The upper is composed of FlexFilm which is a lightweight material that provides a flexible and seamless feel. The toe box has just the right amount of room to allow a nice toe splay but not too much room for my foot to move around. These shoe were great right out of the box and did not give me blisters.

While not strictly designed for speed sessions, the Ride 9 does respond nicely to some faster running. Due to snowy conditions I was stuck on the treadmill, but I did a nice tempo run around half marathon pace and these shoes were responsive and provided nice energy return. Despite the added cushioning, the Ride 9’s are lighter by 0.2 oz than the Ride 8’s, which, in my opinion, adds to their speediness.

While not marketed as a stability shoe, the Ride 9 provides a bit of stability due to the forefoot midsole design and the multiple layered heel section. I usually wear a stability shoe, but this shoe did a decent job of holding my foot in place.

With all of the cushioning I can’t imagine this shoe not being durable. I have run in these shoes for about 2 weeks straight and they still feel great.

This shoe weighs in at 8.3 oz, has an 8mm offset and retails at $120.

BEST FOR: Everyday trainer, Long Runs, Runners who like high cushioned shoes, Neutral runners
BAD FOR: Runners who like the minimalist feel, Track work

HOW I TESTED: Several 6-10 mile runs on pavement and one 5 mile tempo effort on the treadmill

Socks tested in: Ultra Tough Ultra Light Socks ( )

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1 year 8 months ago #3977

Saucony Ride 9 Review
Good Bad
Great cushioning Wish it were just a bit lighter
Breathable Upper
Very responsive
Midfoot support

The Verdict
The Saucony Ride 9 should be on every runner’s list to add to their required training shoe rotation. With the new EVERUN midsole, the Ride 9 has one of the best road feels this season. A bouncy, responsive shoe with plenty of spring for your step. The Saucony Ride 9 is one of my most recommended daily trainers for 2016.

Full Review

The Saucony Ride 9 improves on previous versions, and has become a shoe that would be a benefit for just about any neutral runner out there. The upper has a fantastic shape, which gave me a great overall fit. The midsole has a great amount of cushioning, which provided a great ride during every training session. The Ride 9 had great road feel, and kept my feet comfortable on every training run. The EVERUN material is a definite upgrade, providing a well cushioned and soft feeling to the sole.

Even though it is not as light as I would like, the Ride 9 still can be used for any type of speed training. Not labeled for speed, you will still be able to use the Ride 9 for any speed work you need to do. Shoes feel fast and responsive during my quick speed sessions on the road.

Great overall fit, with shoes fitting true to size. Toebox had an excellent shape, with the forefoot having no slippage or gaps. Heel counter and collars have and excellent height and shape. The Ride 9 possibly had the best overall fit I have had so far for the 2016 shoe lines.

Not listed as a stability shoe, I had more of a feel that there was plenty of stability there for being such a softer shoe. With the flexibility and the comfort of the Ride 9, I didn’t think it would provide any stability, but the shoe doe give enough foot control to provide some stability.

With the EVERRUN material in the insole, the Ride 9 has a bounce on the roads that you won’t get with too many other shoes. I had great toeoff and responsiveness with every stride, so each footstrike was getting that extra push with this new material. One of the best rides I have had all season.

Running at $120, this shoe will be a bargain, no matter what. The new design and materials have given the Ride 9 so many features to be happy with it won’t make a difference on the cost. One of the best buys of the year.

How We Tested It
Road Running of 6-10 mile sessions on asphalt, rural back roads and tracks in 10-50 degree weather, wearing Darn Tough socks.

Comfort -9
Fit - 9
Stability -6
Speed - 7
Responsiveness -9
Value – 9

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1 year 8 months ago #3984

Saucony Ride 9
Verdict: The Ride 9 is a soft and comfortable trainer. Over all the shoe very wearable and, with a neutral platform I think it would fit a lot of runners needs. It is a great shoe to log miles. The 8 mm drop is a middle of the road off set and makes it easier to switch back and forth between more minimal shoes.

Fit and Comfort: 10,
Great fit, true to size. Soft and smooth interior with room in the forefoot and toe box, yet, snug around heel. I did not need any break in time for the Ride 9. I ran 9 miles right out of the box no problems. The upper is thin with good flexible mesh that moves with your foot. I found the shoe breathable and comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Cushion and smoothness: 8
The platform is flexible with uniform cushion running the length of the shoe. My foot strike is absorbed nicely whether I heel stick or run on my mid-foot. I appreciated the flexibility for easy toe off.

Responsiveness: 6.5
The first week of running I was really happy with the responsiveness of this shoe, however, my runs during week two started to feel squishy and the shoe lost some of the initial bounce.

Speed: 7
This is not a racing flat, but it really light and has an airy feel to it. If the shoe hadn't started to get squishy I would have ranked it a bit faster. But I feel it is more of a comfort trainer that could handle some fast miles now and then.
Support and stability: 6 The shoe is very neutral with little arch support.

Tested on pavement. Multiple 6 to 9 mile runs. Tested wearing Darn Tough Vertex socks.

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