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Brooks Neuro (Spring 2016)

1 year 10 months ago #3695

The post below is a early season wear tester review of this product. To read our final, expert Road Running Shoe reviews, go to .

Brooks Neuro

Tested: women's size 8

I met my running partner in the dark and the first thing she said to me (at a distance) was: Are you wearing Reeboks? Which is exactly what the Brooks Neuro looks like at first glance, thanks to the bulbous "propulsion pods" that kind of make the shoe look like it's sitting a top a bunch of blue marshmallows ... but considering all the "fluff" on the sole of the shoe, the Neuro is surprisingly solid and stable—and fast.

The cushioned pods have soft foam interiors that are supported by a firmer material, which provides plenty of protection between your foot and the road--but not so much that you feel bogged down in the cushion.

The upper is a sort of a snake-skin patterned hammock system that supports and wraps the foot in a thin and flexible micromesh. I found the upper to be a bit loose, but that's probably because the shoes I tested were too big for me.

Surprisingly fast for how bulky they look. I wore this shoe for a set of hill repeats and have no regrets about selecting them--they had good energy transfer and at 7.9 ounces, they don't weigh you down.

FIT: 6
A women's 8 is usually a perfect fit for me in Brooks shoes, but these were too big. I emailed the rep, and he said: The shoe is built true to size, but due to the materials and construction, it might feel bigger than normal for some runners." I'd probably order a half size down if I were buying this shoe.

A great every day trainer for those looking for a light, neutral shoe. People with a spring marathon coming up should definitely consider the Nuero for their training runs.

Neutral runners looking for a fast but balanced ride.
People who don't mind being mistaken for Reebok fans.

Minimalist runners

HOW TESTED: 5-9 mile road runs and hill repeats around Northern New Mexico

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1 year 10 months ago #3702

Brooks Neuro 2016 Review
Good Bad
Lightweight Midfoot upper shape
Newly designed midsole
Excellent Ride

The Verdict
The Brooks Neuro is a new entry into the light trainer/racer category, and with the new concept of propulsions pods in the midsole/outsole are giving runners a great new choice in an everyday racing and training shoe. With the exciting new concept and design, the Neuro is going to be a great addition to the Brooks shoe line.

Full Review

Brooks took a drastically different turn with the Neuro, and I have to say I really like what they have designed. The Neuro has just enough of cushioning and padding in the upper to keep it simple but very comfortable. The new ‘Propulsion Pods’ in the midsole and outsole are really a bright change, since it gives the runner a much better feel of the surfaces without sacrificing cushioning. The upper fabric is also a great change, and provides excellent moisture control.

Weighing in at 9.4 oz, these shoes definitely feel lighter than they look. These shoes have great push off on every stride, which gives runners a much better road feel and response. I never felt weighed down in the Neuro during sprints or paced longer runs.

The Neuro does fit a bit odd. The length of the shoe was good, but the width and height of the upper from the start of the heel to the base of the toebox were cut more like a size larger. Just a bit too much room, which could be easily remedied. The new Hammock System that has the eyelets assisting in giving the shoe a much better fit is great, but with the extra room it was tough to get that racing flat fit I prefer in my shoes.

A very subtle but surely good level of support. I believe it is in part from the newly designed midsole with the propulsion pods. The Neuro did give that feel of more support on each stride.

This is the one area where the Propulsion Pods really stood out. The Neuro felt like it had a full spring action from the road surface on every run. I did not feel it as much when I had to go through some short gravel areas, but on the road surface it was one of the most responsive shoes I have ever worn.

The Brooks Neuro comes in at $130, but that extra money is definitely worth the investment with this new design. The Brooks Neuro could move many other companies to create an alternative to their normal shoe lines so they do not fall behind in providing runners a great running shoe.

How We Tested It
Road Running of 6-10 mile sessions on asphalt, rural back roads and tracks in 25-65 degree weather.

Comfort - 8
Fit - 6
Stability -7
Speed - 8
Responsiveness - 8
Value – 9

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1 year 10 months ago #3785

Bruh, what's with that profile photo? Your left arm and leg are both swinging back at the same time. That's not how humans move. When your leg moves forward, the arm on the other side moves forward. The leg that's going back will be in sync with the arm on the other side as well. You know what I mean?

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1 year 10 months ago #3801

Dude, I am an OCR racer, I am walking out of a mud pit. That is why I am not doing a normal stride with leg and arm opposite. Take a closer look at the picture and you will see I am not out on the roads.

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