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Saucony Ride 8 (Summer 2015)

2 years 6 months ago #3243

The post below is a early season wear tester review of this product. To read our final, expert Road Running Shoe reviews, go to .

The Verdict

Saucony nails the everyday trainer with the new Ride 8’s. These shoes are absolutely fantastic to log lots of miles in. It will be hard to find another shoe with this level of cushioning and support at such a lightweight (9.4oz). Perfect for the runner seeking a durable everyday trainer with high level of cushioning underfoot (26mm under heel!) and a smooth responsive ride. In terms of Saucony’s shoe lineup, these fall squarely between the more supportive and heavier Triumph ISO and the lighter Zealot ISO. Specs: Retails $120, Offset 8mm, 9.4oz-Men, 8.5oz-Women. Available 6/1/2015

Comfort: 10

You won’t want to take these shoes off. Saucony did an amazing job of packing an incredible amount cushioning and padding into such a light shoe. Saucony introduced a new upper fabric called FlexFit designed to enhance comfort and fit and they nailed it! What a great feeling upper. The heel collar and tongue are very generously padded.

Speed: 7

These are the shoes you’ll want to grab for a speed session or even tempo runs but odds are Saucony didn’t intend these for speed sessions. There’s just too much shoe to get a quick turnover. However if you find yourself antsy to quicken the pace the Ride 8’s are quite responsive, it just takes a bit more to move the 26mm of foam underfoot.

Quality of Fit: 10

True to both length and width. I found there to be no slippage or unnecessary movement. The new FlexFit upper provides a snug secure feeling.

Durability: 10

Given the amount of rubber and foam underfoot these shoes should hold up through the trials of miles. I’ve had good experiences with the durability of Saucony’s.

Responsiveness: 8

I was surprised how responsive these shoes were given the amount of foam underfoot. Typically, the more the foam a shoe carries, the less responsive the shoe is, but that wasn’t the case for the Ride 8’s. The Ride 8’s not only absorbed impacts well but also transitioned smoothly through each foot strike.

Good For: Everyday Use, Long Runs, Heavier Runners, Neutral Runners
Bad For: Speed Sessions

How I Tested: Several Runs on grass, concrete and dirt with some light pickups in WigWam Ultimax Socks.

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2 years 6 months ago #3249

Saucony Ride 8 Review

Good Bad
Great Cushioning
Breathable Upper

The Verdict

The Saucony Ride 8 follows the same path of the other prime choices from Saucony for their 2015 shoe offerings. A solidly cushioned and stable shoe that will give you a great ride every time you wear them in your training. This shoe has the same features as many of the lighter Saucony shoes, but also provides the necessary support and cushioning needed for those in the Clydesdales who may want a lighter shoe for training and racing.

Full Review

The Saucony Ride 8 provides everything you may need. A softer upper, but with enough thickness to provide protection to the foot. A great insole with plenty of comfort. The midsole is full of cushioning and provides all the comfort you would need underfoot. Heel shape and padding is great, with some of the best feel of an upper I had had this season.

This shoe wouldn’t normally be thought of for speed, but the weight of this shoe is just right for anyone wanting to use them for speed work. You have an easy cadence every time your run in the Ride 8, and never feel weighed down. That is why I would recommend them to any heavier runners that are looking for a shoe that helps them a bit in the speed area.

The length and the width of the Ride 8 is excellent, with measurements of size being close to exact. The upper with the great lacing system and sole shape give the shoe a fantastic fit. The ankle collars are the exact height needed, along with a medium amount of padding that give it a better, softer feel.

For not having any specific stability features, the Ride 8 still provides excellent stability and support. It provides even more than many models that claim to be made specifically for stability. A really fully developed shoe to cover just about every runner.

The Ride 8 has excellent responsiveness. Every run felt like I was getting a huge push off with every step. Great toe off during my training runs.

At a cost of around $120, Saucony is always worth every penny you spend. Saucony cannot seem to do much wrong with every shoe offering they have offered this season. Saucony did a great job of making the Ride 8 just a superb all around shoe to give every runner a fantastic shoe to add to their collection.

How We Tested It
Road Running of 6-13 mile sessions on asphalt, rural back roads and tracks in 28-55 degree weather in my Wigwam socks.

Comfort -10
Fit - 9
Stability -8
Speed - 9
Responsiveness -8
Value – 9

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2 years 5 months ago #3393

i thought the ride 8 was the best all-round shoe i've tested lately. it felt great for just about everything: long runs, slow runs, tempo runs (i prefer something a bit lighter and lower profile on the track, but for a slower beginner runner, this could even be a decent speedwork shoe).

i'd never worn the ride before, but i've been a longtime fan of saucony, especially the kinvara and cortana. the cushion and comfort of the ride reminded me a bit of the cortana, although the ride is about half an ounce lighter and $30 cheaper ($120). it also has an 8 mm drop, as compared to the cortana's 4 mm drop.

loved the flexfilm upper, which is comfortable and reinforced in all the right places; this is the first pair of sauconys i haven't blown a hole in around the big toe joint.

my only complaint about this shoe is that it did not feel good running on gravel roads; even with the cushioning, i could feel every rock... so stick to pavement!

Comfort -9
Fit - 9
Stability -8
Speed - 7
Responsiveness -8
Value – 9

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